We’re always delighted to hear feedback from our customers. Below is a selection of comments we’ve received.

I had the full meal deal: remaining teeth yanked using medicare (it can be done if you ask around), dentures from Fred Brumm, later an oral surgeon provided 2 lower implants so the lower denture (the problematic one, always) could attach. Perfect job,
Fred is a consummate professional: knowledgeable, experienced, fair, and always reassuring. He’s a man who answers all questions, in a soft spoken manner, using an economy of words but nailing the issue. He is cheerful and will go the extra mm to ensure things fit. I actually enjoyed my many visits there, unlike my experiences with dentists.
He has a professional team, starting with the energetic Denise, who’s ready with any extra info one may need, and like Fred, always smiling and reassuring. I also used Cecilia, an Argentine woman, also as professional as Fred.
I would not hesitate to recommend Fred and his team, for what for me was a year-long journey that worked out for the best.

Max K.

This is the first denture that has been totally painless and the most comfortable.

Stephanie G.

After 17 years of denture wearing, it is the first time that I have had no trouble. I am glad I found your denture services.

Hans M.

My teeth fit just perfectly. I have not had one second of discomfort, but I have had all kinds of compliments on them.

Brandt M.

I had lunch with somebody I met at the mall today. During our meal he was commenting on how lucky I was having all my own teeth. He was having lots of problems with his dentures and wished he had his own teeth as well. At the end of our meal, I gave him one of (Fred’s) business cards with the advice to see you. I am sure he will get the same great set of dentures as I did.

Vivian M.

With your expertise and patience, you made me a set of dentures that exceeded all my expectations. Now I feel more comfortable wearing my dentures than not and I wear them every day.

Peter D.

The fitting and cosmetic appearance are flawless. Your fine craftsmanship has certainly put my mind at ease and I would recommend your services to anyone.

John W. H.

For as long as I am here, I will come to you for a new set of teeth.

Dora M

Fred’s assets of caring and being in touch with people, combined with his obvious talents and expertise, takes denture work to a new level. Indeed, service with a smile and a personal touch.

Ron H.