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Denture Check-Ups

Most denturists will recommend a check-up once each year to maintain your denture properly. Your denturist has the training and experience to examine your mouth and advise you of your denture needs.

Denture Cleaning and Polishing

When you come in for your annual check up we can clean and polish your dentures. Polishing is a professional technique that denturists use to make your dentures look like new. Using specialized buffing tools we restore the glossy finish surface of your dentures, while eliminating tough stains that elude regular maintenance.

Denture Adjustments

As your mouth changes you may need to have your dentures adjusted from time to time. If your mouth gets sore, do no wait for the sore to go away. It usually just gets worse. Come in to see us for an adjustment right away. It only takes a few minutes but can make a huge difference to your comfort and health.

BPS Dentures

We are a licensed BPS Denture Centre. BPS Brand Dentures were introduced recently by Ivoclar Vivodent Inc., one of the world’s leading dental manufacturers.

BPS stands for Bio-functional Prosthetic System, which is designed to produce dentures that provide optimal function while eating, speaking or laughing.

Denture Repairs While You Wait

Most denture repairs can be done while you wait.

It is always good to phone and make an appointment, to ensure we can see you.

Cast Partial Dentures

When several teeth are missing, a removable partial denture provides support to the remaining natural teeth and fills in the gaps. This helps in preserving your remaining teeth and can help prevent your teeth from drifting into the empty spaces. We are licensed to make all types of partial dentures and offer several types. Traditionally partial dentures are made from a chromium metal framework.

If you need a partial denture, you should see a dentist first to have your teeth checked and ensure that they are in good shape and able to support a partial denture.

Equilibrated Dentures

Fully equilibrated dentures are made to function as much like your natural teeth as possible. Each set of fully equilibrated dentures is made to the most exacting design standards possible. New techniques and technology allow us to measure your mouth more precisely than ever, resulting in dentures that fit better than ever.

Dentures over Implants

There is a growing interest in having dentures over implants. The procedure is relatively easy and straightforward for most people. Many of our patients now have implants. The implants provide stability to the denture so you can eat, speak and laugh confidently. The implants also help stop bone loss so you retain the bone you have which maintains your looks. There are many new types of implants available now. We work with many dentists and oral surgeons that can perform this procedure for you.

Whether it’s maintenance on an existing denture, or you’re being fitted for your first time, we’re here to help you regain your smile.

Proudly serving Vancouver, we’re located at 5477 Victoria Drive near 39th Avenue on the west side of the street. Street parking is available on Victoria. For transit options, the #20 Victoria/Downtown bus and the R4 41st Avenue bus make it easy to get to us.

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